Reviewing broadband packages for your home? It is certainly a good idea compare broadband packages before finalizing your service provider. Make sure you have your check list ready….the broadband providers which satisfies most of your broadband criteria at an affordable price and equally efficient customer service should be chosen to serve you with broadband.

Generally, broadband providers serve their customers with broadband packages but at times offer them a bundle of services viz, Broadband, TV, Mobile Broadband and Phone. Depending upon the extent of expertise and their capacity to offer these services, Broadband customers can opt for them if they find these allied services suitable as well as affordable. In UK, most popular broadband packages are mainly BT broadband packages, Sky broadband packages and Virgin broadband packages

Broadband Features

While choosing broadband packages online, you need to check out the following factors.

  • Type of Broadband Connection
  • Download Speed
  • Activation and Installation Speed
  • Customer service and helpline setup
  • Mode of Payments and Billing Cycles
  • Reliability and Value for Money services
  • Provision of additional services such as Phone & TV

Virgin Broadband Packages

Virgin Broadband

Virgin Broadband Packages are offered by Virgin Media , an aggressive market player offering digital TV, home phone lines, line rental, mobile phone contracts and mobile broadband services as well. The only broadband service provider UK which provides broadband through fibre optic cable network ensuring the customers enjoy superfast broadband packages at download speeds up to100Mbps, 60Mbps and 30Mbps. Additionally, it provides unlimited broadband downloads within fair usage policy.


Sky Broadband Packages

Sky Broadband

Sky, the leading and most sought out provider of TV entertainment services UK offers true value for money Sky Broad band Packages. Millions of Sky TV customers across UK can avail Sky Broadband at special discounted rates. Choose form Sky Broadband Lite or Sky Broadband Everyday and enjoy browsing the Internet all day long. Sky Broadband Unlimited customers can download movies, music and even images as they enjoy no restrictions on their download while Sky promises its customers with up to 14 Mbps downloads speeds at all times.


BT Broadband Packages


BT Broadband Packages are offered by UK’s largest and oldest telecommunication company, BT. BT Broadband serves broadband requirements of nearly 4 million customers. With a recent upgrade, BT Broadband offers download speed of up to 16MBPS across all packages. BT Broadband packages can be taken as either stand alone products or in bundle of one or two additional services viz. BT Vision – TV and BT Phone as per requirements.


BT, the undisputed leader in telecommunication and digital TV segment UK. Now provides fast broadband speed of up to 20MBPS across all its Broadband packages, cheap calls to UK landlines and quality digital TV programmes through BT Vision +Box

Sky, leader in digital TV entertainment industry, UK also offers broadband and phone services to its customers in a bundle. Affordable and Convenient, Sky Packages are preferred by one and all

Virgin Media, a quad player in the telecommunication and digital TV segment UK offers superfast broadband up to 50 MBPS through its fiber optic network. Enjoy mobile phone, home phone, mobile broadband and line rental as additional services

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  Products Specification  

Virgin Media Broadband & Phone bundle

BT Broadband Offers
  • Up to 30Mbps broadband
  • Free Virgin Media Hub
  • Unlimited downloads & calls
  • Free installation worth £49.95
£7.25 a month.


Virgin Media Broadband, TV and Phone Bundle

BT Broadband & Phone
  • Up to 30Mbps broadband
  • 75 digital TV channels
  • Unlimited weekend calls
  • Free installation worth £49.95
  • TiVo 500GB Box
£12.50 a month for
6 Months


BT Broadband, TV and Calls

BT Broadband Offers Get more with unlimited UK^ landline calls at anytime, high-speed broadband and your choice of two additional on demand viewing packs available with BT Vision.
Add Sky Sports 1 or Sports 2 for only £17.40 per month a Month.


Sky Broadband Packages

Sky Broadband Packages Become a Sky TV customer and make the best of the Sky Broadband Package which includes free wireless router, best of TV programmes while Sky Talk offers cheap phone calls to UK landlines


Compare Broadband Packages

Broadband Provider Speed (Up to) Set up Downloads Contract Monthly Cost  
BT Broadband Option 1 16Mbps Free 10Gb 18 months £7.99 Read more>>
Virgin Media L Broadband 10Mbps Free Unlimited 12 months £15.00 Read more>>
Sky Broadband Unlimited 14Mbps Free Unlimited 12 months £10.00 Read more>>
BT Broadband Option 3 16Mbps Free Unlimited 18 months £18.99 Read more>>
Virgin Media XL Broadband 20Mbps Free Unlimited 12 months £20.00 Read more>>
BT Broadband and Phone 14Mbps Free 10Gb 18 months £7.49 Read more>>
Virgin Media Broadband and Phone 10Mbps £30.00 Unlimited 10 months £0.00 Read more>>
BT Broadband, Phone & TV 16Mbps Free 10Gb 15 months £15.49 Read more>>
Virgin Media Broadband, Phone & TV 10Mbps Free Unlimited 10 months £18.00 Read more>>
Sky+HD TV & Broadband 14Mbps Free Unlimited 12 months £28.00 Read more>>