BT Broadband and Evening & Weekend Calls – £6.99pm for 3 months

BT has yet another exclusive broadband and phone package for its online subscribers. BT is providing broadband and evening and weekend calls services at £6.99 per month. With BT’s new plan BT customers will enjoy broadband and evening and weekend calls at £6.99 a month for the first three months and £13.99 thereafter.

In this plan subscribers will enjoy up to 20Mb download speed and 10GB monthly usage. This means super fast Internet access and high capacity of free data downloading. They will also get a wireless BT home hub worth £89.99 free, this device can be connected to multiple devices including BT vision, Consoles, personal computers etc and make Internet access possible in any corner of the home. Along with these, basic online security will also be available enabled with email antivirus, spam filters and parental controls.

The calls would include unlimited evening and local calls to all UK landlines. The subscribers can enjoy evening calls be it weekends or weekdays talking to their loved ones without worrying about their bills. BT’s privacy call feature will also be included, it serves the purpose of a caller id and subscribers have the option of blocking sales calls and specific numbers.

With BT’s Broadband and Evening & Weekend Calls plan at £6.99 per month customers are sure to enjoy quick and high-speed broadband services and the freedom to talk unlimited during evenings. Yet again BT has come with a value for money deal, enjoy the benefits by choosing BT.

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BT Broadband & Anytime Calls – Free for 3 Months

BT gets value for money deals for its subscribers always, its latest Broadband & Anytime Calls offer has proved this yet another time. With this plan, subscribers will be entitled to enjoy broadband and anytime call services free for the first 3 months and pay only £15.99 per month thereafter.

With this plan BT customers will have to pay nothing for the initial 3 months yet they can enjoy broadband and anytime calls. The broadband service includes Internet speed of up to 20 Mb and 10GB usage capacity meaning high speed Internet and large enough data download and upload facility. The subscribers will also be provided with a BT Home Hub worth £89.99 free, which helps to connect multiple devices and makes Internet access possible anywhere within the home. Basic security services like spam filters, parental controls and antivirus are also included.

With the anytime calling service, subscribers can enjoy unlimited local calling to UK landlines on weekends. Weekends are the day to relax, what better way to do so other than calling the loved ones and having long chats. BT makes this possible and its customers will no longer have to worry about their bills.

BT’s Broadband & Anytime Calls is a steal deal. 3 Months of free broadband and anytime weekend calls service is something no other communication provider will offer. Switching to BT with this plan is a smart choice.

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BT Broadband Latest Products

BT offers 3 major communication services to its customers that include BT broadband, BT Digital TV and BT telephone line Connection.

BT Total broadband is BT’s Internet access service. You can choose the plan that is best for you as per your Internet usage. You do not need to go around finding out which offer to choose and how to order your BT broadband. You can view the latest offers and charges over the internet and decide. With simple and easy steps you can place your order online and within 5 days you will have an active BT broadband connection.

BT also offers on demand Digital TV services named as BT Vision. BT Vision gives you a great TV viewing experience. You can order your favorite channels, movies, sports channels and loads of entertainment with BT. You will not have to worry about what to watch and what not to on your Television set as the TV will follow your command.

With BT’s telephone line connection you can stay connected with your friends and family anytime. You can choose from plans that have unlimited local calling options 24/7 or can opt for a plan that that has unlimited local calling during weekends.

With BT you can never fall short of choices and hence there is yet another option that you can choose. The BT bundle packages give you broadband, digital TV and telephone line all in one plan. You can also choose 2 out of the 3 services in a plan. You can also switch your plans conveniently online.

BT provides its customers the best communication services and affordable plans so that you can choose the best deal and enjoy the benefits.

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British Telecom

British Telecom (BT) is Britain’s leading Broadband, Digital TV and Telephone line
service provider. Established in 1846 BT is the world’s world’s oldest communications company. The name assures quick, reliable and economical communication services.

BT is a blend of technology and innovation because of which it has managed to survive in the competitive market. Its services BT Vision, BT Total Broadband and BT telephone lines have proved to be of great use to customers and they rely on these services completely. With BT’s attractive offers and packages customers are always assured of value for money deals which they do not find in any other service provider.

BT Vision promises you high quality picture clarity and sound. It is an on demand Digital TV service that enables people to choose what they wish to watch and pay accordingly. There is something for everyone right from sports channels for the sports lovers, cartoon channels for kids, entertainment channels for youngsters, music channels and even on demand Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

British Telecom’s Total Broadband makes quick and high speed Internet access possible. The virtual world addicts can browse the net and enjoy Wi Fi connectivity over a million Hotspots in UK. BT also gives its broadband users unlimited data storage option through BT Yahoo! Email accounts. Not only this BT”s Home Hub makes Internet access possible to multiple devices ranging from laptops, consoles, mobiles etc.

With BT phone lines you can chat with your loved ones over the phone within UK without worrying about your bill. British Telecom’s phone line plans are designed to suit your local calling needs. If weekend is time you catch up with your friends and family then BT has an unlimited weekend calling plan for you. If you stay connected with your loved ones 24/7 then BT gives you the choice of unlimited calls anytime of the day.

British Telecom always makes sure it gives its customers the best connectivity be it through Internet, Digital TV or phone.

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BT Vision gives you Unlimited TV viewing Choices

BT Vision is an on demand Digital TV service that gives you the freedom to choose what you watch on your Television.

Choosing the BT Vision pack that suits you the best is an easy task. If you are an existing BT broadband or calls customer you can simply add the BT Vision pack to your current pack. First time BT customers can choose from BT Vision and broadband deals, BT Vision, calls and broadband deals or the BT Vision Single Packs.

With BT Vision your TV viewing experience is sure to change. The freedom of choosing what you want to watch is in your hands. You get to watch TV in High Definition picture quality and crystal clear sound. You can pause and rewind live Freeview shows, store up to 80 hours of TV content. You also provided with an Ethernet and USB connectivity port. A sleek BT Vision set top box will help you do all this at the press of a button.

BT Vision now gives you 2 of the Sky sports channels; Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 to make sure you do not miss out on any of the sports action. You can also order and watch your favorite Bollywood movies by choosing the Bolly & Beyond pack. You can watch the best of drama, comedy, action and reality series too. Viewing the latest music videos and concerts on your TV is also easy with BT Vision.

By choosing BT Vision you will not have to worry about what to watch and what not to as the choice is entirely yours. BT Vision promises you unlimited TV viewing options, economical plans, reliable service and a theatre like TV viewing experience.

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BT Broadband gives you Fast and Value for Money Services

Your hunt for fast, reliable and value for money broadband service provider ends at BT. Yes BT broadband guarantees you Internet access that is quick, affordable and gives you extra benefits.

BT broadband gives you a variety of options that you can compare and then choose as per your convenience. You have the option to go for BT broadband packages connection with a BT phone line package or a BT broadband, calls and TV package. BT has designed its packages considering the convenience, usability and the budget factors.

With BT broadband connection you can avail uninterrupted Internet speed of up to 20 Mb, Wireless BT Home Hub, 24/7 customer support, BT Yahoo! Email accounts and
unlimited Wi Fi connectivity. With every broadband pack you get a wireless BT Home Hub, it is a device that lets you connect multiple devices around your home ranging from laptops, digital cameras, consoles etc wirelessly. With BT’s customer support you are sure to get your broadband connection, installation and IT support queries answered and solved within minutes. BT Yahoo! Email accounts gives you the freedom to have unlimited data storage at the BT Yahoo! Homepage that you can personalize as per your requirements. These include news updates, weather forecasts, RSS feeds, TV listings and much more. Only BT gives you the freedom to get Internet access with more than a million Wi Fi spots around UK.

With BT broadband you can avail services which no other broadband provider gives you. You pay for broadband services and BT gives you a lot more. Hence choosing BT broadband is a value for money deal, so make the most of it.

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Sky Sports now on BT Vision

BT and Sky recently signed an agreement in which Sky agreed to give BT the rights to broadcast Sky Sports1 and Sky Sports2. BT customers will be able to view Sky Sports from the month of August 1, 2010.

With this pact between both the digital TV providers the viewers are the happiest as they will be able to catch all the action of the Premier League that kicks off in the month of August. Earlier BT customers could not enjoy any of the Sky Sports channels but with the agreement in the picture they will be able to view 2 Sky channels.

BT has not yet discussed about the charges for the sports channels. Experts are expecting the subscription to both the sports channels to be less than £20 per month. With such a low price for sports channels BT surely wants to beat the competitors that charge a lot more for sports channels because of their high demand and popularity. It is also looking at restructuring its pricing models from the time football season 2010/11 commences in August.

BT has achieved a milestone with this agreement with Sky and the customers are delighted to hear the news of Sky Sports1 and 2 channels being available to them.


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Broadband and Anytime Calls – Best Value Package from BT

BT always gets its customers plans that they can feel happy about. Here is the latest offer from BT; now you can enjoy unlimited calling service anytime of the day and 10GB broadband usage per month absolutely free for the first 3 months with the Broadband and unlimited calls plan. Subscribers to the plan will be able to enjoy these services by paying £15.99 and the basic line rental of £11.54 thereafter on a monthly basis. Usually the customers pay £19.99 for this plan but just for this month BT has slashed down the rates so that its customers can avail the best phone and broadband deals at affordable rates.

The Broadband and Anytime call scheme will give BT customers the freedom to make local calls within UK for free anytime of the day including calls to numbers 0845 and 0870. It also includes 200 free texts and the extra texts would be charged 10p each. It will include caller id facility that too at no extra cost. Along with unlimited calls BT customers will also get to use the broadband facility which will have 20Mb download speed, 10GB monthly usage, Unlimited Wi-Fi minutes and also the option to avail mobile broadband facility.

BT’s Broadband and anytime calling offer is available on an 18 month contractual basis. If you are a new customer you will be charged £50 as connection charges.

With BT’s Broadband and unlimited anytime calling plan you will be able to enjoy unlimited local calls any time of the day, Internet surfing and more free for the initial 3 months. This is an offer that you would surely not want to miss. If you are looking for high speed Internet and want unlimited calling plan then you can now enjoy both these services with BT’s latest plan. The offer is for a limited period only and ends on June 30, 2010. So hurry and get yourself the BT Broadband and anytime calling plan and make a smart choice.


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Get a £75 Voucher with Your new BT Line Connection

Your new BT landline, broadband line or the standalone Broadband and phone line will earn you a £75 voucher.

BT has a limited period offer for its first time customers; with the purchase of any new BT Total Broadband, BT Infinity or a BT Telephone Line the customers will receive a £75 shopping voucher from This offer is for a limited period from June 16, 2010 to June 30, 2010. So now BT customers get a chance to shop for their favorite electronic items and be eligible for a discount too! One order can avail only one discount voucher.

With a few simple and easy steps new customers can avail the benefits of their voucher. The first time BT customers will be given a 12 digit online order ID code after they have placed their order for broadband, telephone line or standalone line. The customers will need to fill an online claim form at with their 12 digit conformation ID details and the e mail id where they wish to receive their Dabs voucher. The voucher will be e-mailed to the customers only after their BT services have been activated. The customers will get their voucher within 10 days of their service activation. The voucher will be valid for use from July 1, 2010 to July 31, 2010.

The voucher holders can shop for their desired products at, they just need to make sure they meet the terms and conditions of the voucher use; for instance voucher expiry date and activation of their voucher on the website. The voucher will be present on the payment page and just needs to be selected for redemption. The final price of the basket will be shown at the checkout after deducting the voucher amount. The remaining payment will be required to be done in order to purchase the products. The voucher will not include the delivery charges; it cannot be redeemed for cash and will be eligible for use on only.

BT and Dabs have this offer for a limited period. So if you are planning to switch to a new broadband or phone line provider you know BT is the one.

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Globe Telecom’s First Quarter Profits Soar 84%

The first quarter revenues of Globe Telecom broadband reached P1.2 billion which was an 84% increase from the previous year. The company’s fixed line revenue also touched P831 million which was up by 16% when compared to the year 2009.

The company had a high demand from outsourcing industry which helped it achieve the profit figures. Its other arm Globe Business a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) too continued to expand.

As per the company officials this outstanding performance was possible because of the company’s main aim of providing high quality service to the customers. They are open to new ideas and innovations and this is also a major reason behind Globe Telecom’s success.

They continue to serve the BPOs consistently all because of their high bandwidth and faster connections to enterprise customers. They are constantly improving their infrastructure, cable systems, Hosted Contact Center Solution and Enhanced Managed Voice Solutions. They also make sure their trusted and efficient employees give their best to every project and the quality standards are maintained.

The company is highly focused on providing broadband services which best suit its customers. For them the customer is of prime importance. The company aims at improving its services and relations with its customers. Globe Business + has recently launched postpaid subscriptions which allows users to make unlimited calls and texts as per customized business needs.

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