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Looking out for a broadband service UK , it would be great if you compare a few broadband providers and choose the most suitable package for yourself. BT is one of the most well established broadband providers, UK which offers broadband services along with phone and TV at economical prices.

British Telecom or BT as it is popularly known as the largest provider of telecommunication services in UK . Playing a crucial role in ushering the new digital era in UK , BT has played a vital role in providing broadband across the country. BT Broadband is known for its widespread broadband network.

BT Total Broadband offers up to 20 MBPS download speeds at almost all times. In order to enjoy BT Broadband service, you require

  • BT phone line
  • Compatible computers – Personal Computers or laptops or Macs
  • Broadband Modem/Router
  • Micro filters – phone adapters

The Broadband installation process is quite simple and can be done by one owns self; however for additional help you could always approach broadband Install service.

BT Broadband Packages

Broadband users can choose from various BT Broadband Packages which are

  • BT Total Broadband Option 1
  • BT Total Broadband Option 2
  • BT Total Broadband Option 3

All BT Broadband Options offer

  • Download speed of up to 20 MBPS
  • BT Home Hub – wireless 'N' technology router
  • Security Options from McAfee
  • Wi-Fi minutes
  • Pre determined monthly GB usage

Depending upon the BT Broadband option you go for you can opt for basic or advanced security option from McAfee. BT Total Broadband Option 1 offers 10 GB monthly usage while 40GB monthly usage is offered on BT Total Broadband Option 2. The top of the line BT Total Broadband Option 3 offers unlimited downloads and unlimited Wi-Fi minutes.

Your choice of broadband should mainly depend upon –

  • Surfing habits
  • Downloading requirements
  • Emails and Online Shopping

If you indulge in surfing, browsing and at times emailing and online shopping, you could go for the BT Total Broadband Option 1 or BT Total Broadband Option 2. Though these two packages offer you up to 20 mbps download speed, you have caps on monthly usage. If your browsing habits include listening to music, watching videos or for sending large files, online gaming you do require to opt for BT Total Broadband Option 3 which offers you great download speeds and no limits on GB usage.

Similarly, BT offers Phone and Television services which the customers can opt for under customized bundles as well. Depending upon the requirements and budgets you can go for

  • BT Broadband and Calls
  • BT Broadband and TV
  • BT Broadband Calls & TV

BT Call Plans include unlimited UK calls at weekends or all days while BT TV offers a Vision+ Box and a wide range of on demand TV along with latest films and sporting action to its customers. With two essential services offered at lowest possible prices, the customers need not even think twice before availing them especially when they carry the BT stamp. With the convenience of availing more than one service through a single bundle, managing and payment of these services becomes even easier. Hence more and more customers wish to avail BT Broadband bundles as well.

BT Broadband is serving more than four million customers across UK. Apart from being the largest broadband provider, it offers phone and television services along with broadband in customized BT Bundles.

  Products Specification  

BT Broadband, TV and Calls

Get more with unlimited UK^ landline calls at anytime, high-speed broadband and your choice of two additional on demand viewing packs available with BT Vision.
Add Sky Sports 1 or Sports 2 for only £17.40 a Month.


BT Broadband and Calls Package


£14.99 a month thereafter

Broadband Option 1 and Anytime Calls. Talk and surf round the clock with unlimited anytime calls and up to 20Mbps wireless broadband with 10GB monthly usage.
Add unlimited Evening & Weekend calls for only £2.99 a month


BT Home Phone Line

Talk as much as you want, when you want, with all your UK landline calls included.Unlimited calls to UK landlines at any time.Inclusive calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers at any time