Broadband Features

BT is a leading provider of broadband, telephone and television services in UK satisfies millions of UK customers in a big way. BT services can be enjoyed either as a stand-alone service or in a packaged bundle. BT Packages are offered at three levels viz. BT calls & Broadband Packages, BT calls, Broadband & TV Packages and BT Broadband and TV Packages. Customers enjoy the liberty to choose the BT package which suits them the most.

Recently, British Telecom upgraded its download speed to up to 16 MBPS while offering it to new customers and even to old customers at no extra cost. Moreover, the actual BT Broadband speeds the customers enjoy does depend upon their location from the telephone exchange.

Moving over to broadband packages from BT. You can pick and choose from BT Broadband Option 1, BT Broadband Option 2 and BT Broadband Option 3. Also, customers can club BT phone and/or BT TV services along with BT Broadband services if they so desire.

On availing BT Broadband services, BT customers can enjoy a BT Home Hub, download speed of up to 16MBPS while security options and monthly usage limits vary from option to option. Beginning with BT Option 1 – Fast and Reliable, you can enjoy basic security and 10 GB monthly usage while BT Option 2 – Heavy Usage one gives you advanced McAfee security and 20GB Monthly usage. Finally, the Unlimited one or the BT Option 3 gives you unlimited GB usage and advanced McAfee security.

Additional options from BT which BT Broadband customer can enjoy include

  • BT Home Hub provides Internet connection to multiple computers at home
  • Unlimited Weekend Calls - Make cheap calls over your broadband connect with BT Broadband Talk
  • Free Customer Support available 24/7
  • Enjoy Wi-Fi minutes at innumerable hotsports around the world and BT Openzone Wi-Fi Hotspots in UK as well as Ireland. Use 5GB secure online storage with BT Digital Vault.
  • Avail assistance of Broadband Install team which includes experienced BT Home Support Engineers.
  • Use BT Yahoo! Email accounts which give you unlimited storage options too.

In case, BT customers wish to enjoy additional services from BT which are phone and television, they can do so by opting for various BT packages such as BT broadband and phone, BT broadband, phone and TV and BT Broadband and TV packages.

BT packages are flexible and customizable giving customers to choose from any two or all the three services. BT Phones enable you to make cheap phone calls to UK landlines while BT Vision is on demand digital TV which airs thousands of quality shows all the time in all popular segments.

  BT Home Phone Line  

BT Home Phone Line

Talk as much as you want, when you want, with all your UK landline calls included.Unlimited calls to UK landlines at any time.Inclusive calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers at any time