Broadband FAQs


Confused over broadband providers and broadband packages UK? We have developed this section of Broadband FAQs for precisely the same reason.

Is it essential to go for a broadband package at home ?

Well, this again entirely depends on you. A broadband connection at home means you can communicate, connect and even get yourself entertained at home at affordable prices. With most of our activities – business and personal being conducted through the broadband, it makes sense to go for cheap broadband package which provides value for money services and great customer support as well.

Which broadband provider should I choose for my broadband services?

Well, to begin with you could check out the broadband service used by your neighbours. Also most broadband service providers have online a free broadband speed checker wherein you need to enter your postal code to check out the speeds they offer. Please note, most broadband service providers promise speeds using the words “up to” and thus do not exactly guarantee the same. There are a couple of factors which affect the broadband speed such as your location near the exchange, the phone line you own and the type of broadband offered to you.

How many types of broadband services are available in UK?

Well, Currently UK broadband service providers provide you with

  • ADSL broadband – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is broadband through the phone line and can simultaneously carry voice as well as broadband data. You may get it through your existing BT phone line. You will be required to use a wireless router to gain access to your broadband connection.
  • ADSL Max broadband can be termed as super ADSL as it offers speed up to 8Mbps while ADSL 2+ broadband promises speed up to 20Mbps.
  • On the other hand DSL Broadband is a type of broadband which uploads and downloads data through a phone line. In fact ADSL is a type of DSL Broadband.
  • Cable broadband is provided through your cable network. It is through this very cable network you get your phone line, your television and also broadband services all in a single connection.
  • Mobile broadband enables you to access the internet in UK as well as abroad. You need to visit broadband hotspots and commercial open networks for accessing the Internet.
  • Wireless Broadband provides internet through a wireless network through an antenna outside your house. This form of wireless broadband is offered in areas where ADSL and cable internet connections are not feasible.
  • Satellite broadband has to be installed where Internet cannot be received through broadband, cable or phone line. To receive Internet you would require a special dish with an antenna receiver which is connected to the satellite. It is slightly expensive and hence viable for business purposes.

What exactly is download allowance ?

Download allowance is a fixed amount of data which you are permitted to download within a month or a pre determined limited period. In case of you overuse your download allowance you may have to pay for the extra download while some broadband providers do not charge for excess downloads.

Is it possible for me to switch over from one broadband provider to the other ?

Yes, it is possible to switchover from one provider to the other. But before you switch you should always get your Migration Authorisation Code (MAC). It is only when you provide the MAC code to the new service provider who will then initiate your switchover procedure following which your new connection will be installed. In case you switch using a MAC code which is now compulsory, you should not cancel your current broadband service as this means you will not enjoy a broadband connection till the new provider sets up your new connection.

Do I have to change my BT phone line and number ?

Well, if you go for an ADSL package, you are not required to change. Only in case of broadband providers offering you a phone line, you can take a phone line from them as well. The choice of phone service depends on you entirely.

Broadband providers announce their special offers on regular basis? What are these special offers ?

Each broadband provider has its own set of special offers; they usually range from offering free services for a select period to new customers, free wireless routers, free dongles, free laptops or an additional service offered at reduced cost or for free. It would be a good idea to check all the special offers and make a comparative study before finalizing any one of them.

What exactly are broadband bundles or packages ?

Broadband bundles or packages mean you could enjoy additional service from the same service providers. In most cases, a single service provider today, is capable of providing you with telephone, broadband and television service through a single connection packed into a single bundle or deal. Since you are enjoying three services in a single bundle, you will also prefer paying a single service provider for all the three services enjoyed in one go rather they pay and manage each service account differently.