Virgin Media

Virgin Media, a relatively new entrant in UK’s telecommunication and entertainment segment is aggressively vying for a fair market share. Virgin Media offers customers with digital TV, home phone deals, line rental, mobile phone contracts and mobile broadband, this being the widest range enjoyed by a single service provider.

Virgin Media provides internet services through its very own cable network. Virgin Broadband service can be enjoy as a single service and also coupled up with any other service offered by them ranging from Digital TV, home phone, mobile phones and even mobile broadband as per requirements.

In all, Virgin Media customers can choose from three Virgin Broadband packages viz Virgin Broadband L package – up to 10MBPS, Virgin Broadband XL package – up to 20MBPS, Virgin Broadband XXL package – up to 50MBPS and enjoy unlimited downloads under the fair usage policy. All Virgin Broadband customers get a free wireless router and modem along with unlimited weekend UK landline calls and Virgin phone line.

Virgin Broadband UK is extremely fast making it ideal for downloading, online gaming and even provides free online storage making customers enjoy their broadband browsing activity. Also Virgin Broadband packages offer you lots more than just an internet connection ranging from free monthly allowance of digital photo prints for a year and data backup while you can always share your files and pictures online with family and friends.

Moving over to details of Virgin Broadband offers, the Virgin Broadband L, customers get up to 10Mbps download speed along with 5 GB of online storage and 25 free photo prints per month. For slightly higher requirements, Virgin Broadband XL which gives up to 20 MBPS speed and 10GB of online storage along with 50 free photo prints per month. For the best Virgin broadband till date, the Virgin Broadband XXL offers up to 50 MBPS speed and unlimited storage along with 100 free photo prints.

Well, despite being a new entrant in UK, Virgin Media has performed relatively well. People on a look out for great and speedy broadband connection should definitely give Virgin Broadband a try. Moreover coupled with digital TV which offers quite a bundle, Virgin Broadband is good deal after all.

  Virgin Media Bundles  

Virgin Media Broadband & Phone bundle

BT Broadband Offers
  • Up to 30Mbps broadband
  • Free Virgin Media Hub
  • Unlimited downloads & calls
  • Free installation worth £49.95
£7.25 a month.


Virgin Media Broadband, TV and Phone Bundle

BT Broadband & Phone
  • Up to 30Mbps broadband
  • 75 digital TV channels
  • Unlimited weekend calls
  • Free installation worth £49.95
  • TiVo 500GB Box
£12.50 a month for
6 Months